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Vingroup to apply FIDO2-certified biometric authentication in 2021


VinCSS FIDO2 Fingerprint Course will be the flagship product of VinCSS FIDO2 Ecosystem.

The product is integrated with fingerprint biometrics with Bluetooth / NFC connectivity to bring the highest level of secure "one-touch-wireless" authentication for users according to national standards. FIDO2 cells. According to the list of providers of strong authentication keys meeting FIDO2 standard of FIDO Alliance, VinCSS FIDO2 Fingerprint authentication key is currently the second product in the world to simultaneously support fingerprint biometric technologies / Bluetooth / NFC on the same product.

The authentication key using biometric technology has the highest level of authentication in FIDO2 key technologies, due to its anti-rejection properties and associated with the user's biological characteristics, in terms of application, in addition to Access authentication has many other applications such as digital identity (Digital ID), one-touch payment (touchless payment), digital signature (digital signature) and encryption to ensure data privacy (data privacy ). Based on this technology, VinCSS will continue to integrate biometric FIDO2 authentication key technology to apply in many different fields and devices such as applications on smartphones with fingerprint sensor, ring Smart wearable, smart watch, smart door lock, smart car control system ... to bring a new level of authentic experience to users.


Microsoft has tested VinCSS products and included in the list of 13 authentication key products in the world compatible with Azure AD cloud service. Shortly thereafter, the Identity Department of Microsoft Corporation selected VinCSS and Yubico (the world's largest company in producing strong authentication keys according to FIDO2 standard) as two of the Five Microsoft Identity Partners in 2020 and received “We have recently added VinCSS, Vingroup's Cybersecurity Services Company - Vietnam, to the list of providers of strong authentication keys that are compatible with Microsoft's passwordless experience. With this addition, our customers in Vietnam and Asia Pacific will have a FIDO2 solution for a passwordless experience. ”

The organization that provides market research and advice to the world biometrics industry, Biometrics Research Group has credited VinCSS's rising staff and commented: “The VinCSS has recently been recognized by Microsoft along with continuous Achieving many FIDO2 certifications this year is another sign of Vietnam's increasing technology presence and reputation in the international arena. Being chosen by the "giant" Microsoft shows world-level confidence in VinCSS's ability to satisfy the most demanding customers and markets. "

VinCSS FIDO2® Fingerprint product was born from Vingroup's technology ecosystem in the spirit of "Make in Vietnam". The course is completely research and development, board design and software development at VinCSS Research and Development Center. The industrial design, mass production and completion is done by VinSmart Company of Vingroup. In particular, VinCSS also offers a unique initiative to solve the problem of users afraid to carry a lock or forget the lock by adding a phone holder accessory integrated with the lock, to attach the lock directly to the back of the phone. phone.

The goal in 2021, VinCSS will promote the conversion and universalization of strong passwordless authentication in Vietnam and gradually participate in providing the world market with many strong authentication products and services according to FIDO2 standard.

According to the plan, VinCSS FIDO2® Fingerprint product will be sold to the market in Q1 / 2021. Hardware FIDO2 key products (hardware key) will be sold online in Vietnam and many international markets. Soft key FIDO2 products will be released on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

For small and medium enterprises, VinCSS will also provide VinCSS FIDO2 Cloud service to help businesses not need to invest in infrastructure at too high cost, but can use the form of monthly rental, which helps to save money. save costs, increase investment efficiency and implement integration quickly. In particular, VinCSS will have a program to coordinate with Vietnamese agencies and organizations to transfer technology at a reasonable cost, contributing to the rapid and widespread dissemination of strong, passwordless authentication technology in Vietnam. .

This program aims to help eliminate cyber security risks related to attacks on systems using only passwords or weak authentication mechanisms, risk of phishing attacks, information theft. Users and OTP happen increasingly serious lately.


VinCSS FIDO2® Fingerprint product is the 4th product to be granted the FIDO2 certification internationally. The previous three FIDO2 certificates are for VinCSS FIDO2® Touch 1 key, VinCSS FIDO2® Server authentication server and VinCSS FIDO2® VOS key on Vsmart phones.
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