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Vsmart honored as best Vietnamese smartphones in 2020


On Jan 8th 2021, VinSmart - Vietnam's young phone maker - claimed a series of prizes at Tech Awards 2020.

Surpassing many smartphone makers with much longer experience in Tech Awards 2020, VinSmart have excellently won 4 prizes in its first participation in one of the most prestigious awards in Vietnam’s technological sector. Specifically, VinSmart’s Vsmart brand was honored as “The Best Vietnamese Phone”, the flagship model Vsmart Aris Pro received the double prizes of “Tech Trend Leading Phone” and “2020’s Innovative Tech Product” and the best rank in the low-priced phone category belongs to model Vsmart Live 4.

Tech Awards is an annual event that has been held by VnExpress online newspaper since 2012 and aimed at celebrating outstanding products and trends in the technological sector. Tech products nominated for the Tech Awards are voted by millions of VnExpress readers and assessed by tech experts during a 2-round process lasting 2 months.


VinSmart witnessed impressive advances in 2020 as it continuously developed and applied breakthrough technologies in various products. Notable is its Vsmart Aris Pro model with such luxury features as Quantis QRNG security chip and FIDO2 authentication.


Vsmart Aris Pro is also one of the world’s pioneering smartphones with camera under display (CUD). Vingroup’s VinAI Research has also developed Vcam Kristal - an AI-based technology for enhancing CUD photos. Thanks to these advanced solutions, Vsmart Aris Pro possesses a full-view display with extremely narrow bezels. 


Meanwhile, Vsmart Live 4, honored as The Best Low-priced Smartphone, has marked VinSmart’s milestone to become fully self-reliant in product research and development, from hardware design, operating system to human resources. 

Vingroup Vice Chairwoman and VinSmart CEO - Le Thi Thu Thuy - said “This impressive achievement not only reflects consumers’ preferences for Vsmart products but also experts’ appreciation for VinSmart’s efforts during the last 24 months. As part of its upcoming development strategy, VinSmart will build a full technological ecosystem consisting of 3 core product groups: Smart City, Smart Home and Smart Service. In 2021, VinSmart will aim to complete the ecosystem and apply technology in creating a convenient and modern life both in Vietnam and the world.”

Since its debut on Dec 2018, VinSmart has launched 18 smartphone models and 5 smart TVs into the market. According market research company GfK, sales of Vsmart phones have increased significantly since early 2020, staying among the top 3 in the Vietnamese mobile market. Last year, VinSmart also became the first Vietnamese producer of terminal equipment for 5G technology, thereby allowing 5G network to be commercialized using entirely domestically produced equipment in Vietnam.  

During the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, VinSmart has successfully manufactured ventilators, thermal cameras as well as ventilator components for Medtronic medical device company. In Q4/2020, VinSmart has also implemented its SmartCity solutions in 3 Vinhomes grand urban zones: Grand Park in HCMC and Ocean Park and Smart City in Hanoi.

Such achievements in 2020 resulted from VinSmart’s efforts and determination to master core technologies and lays firm foundations for its acceleration and international expansion in 2021 and beyond.