Overcoming the pandemic, Vingroup sold Vsmart phones in the US this year

According to CNN, Vingroup is currently one of the biggest groups in Asia with a number of corporations under its management, including VinSmart, VinFast, Vinschool, ... Vingroup is rapidly expanding its operation to many other key business areas, for instance: real estate, education, health care, smartphone, and automobile industries.

Starting CNN's well-known economic TV program "First Move", MC Julia Chatterley raised her first question for Ms. Le Thi Thu Thuy about the "secrets" that help Vingroup so successful in many different business sectors currently.

"What I have to say right away whenever I have an opportunity to say, is the slogan of Vingroup - Forever Start-up spirit". Ms. Thuy said proudly.

"Hence, for all of us, each of the day passing is the day of starting new things and we are always trying our best for the work. Effectiveness, fast-moving forward, and result-based oriented approach are some examples of what we are striving to be".

Besides, Ms. Thuy also emphasized about Vingroup's culture where Vietnamese traditional culture and spirit are widely applied and promoted across the group. "That's why we can attract a high number of talents all over the world joining our big family with the ultimate objective of leveling up Vingroup to the world-standard corporation".

Not only CNN but many other international media agencies agree that Vingroup is conducting a big leap by changing its strategic approach from a corporation mainly working on real estate and tourism to a new image of a technology industry group focusing on smartphone and automobile industries.

Vingroup to boost the motivation for the modernization and industrialization of Vietnam

Ms. Thuy revealed that the US is a potential market and Vingroup will invest most of its resources into the US before expanding to other international markets. In the very near future, the costumers in the US will be able to enjoy premium products with the brand names of VinFast and VinSmart.

5g vsmart

There are over 50,000 staff working for Vingroup in its offices all over the world currently. During the social distancing time due to the coronavirus outbreak, although the group tried its best to maintain the normal business operations, some difficulties still existed.

During the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, a number of Vingroup's staff were willing to reduce their salary as a way of sharing the difficulties with the group. Highly appreciated with such kind actions from the staff; however, Mr. Pham Nhat Vuong, founder and chairman of Vingroup decided that all staff would receive their full salary packages "since they have their own families to take care of".

According to Ms. Thuy, Vingroup did not stop trying their best for ensuring its overall objective was met even during the difficult time of COVID-19. "The pandemic gave us much valuable experience and lessons learned for our business operation and long-term development", she said.

Green policy for sustainable development

Julia Chatterley, a well-known journalist and now working as an MC for CNN's "First Move" show pointed out several challenges for Vingroup towards its sustainable development.

"It is clear that many business investors are trying to figure out the ways for Vingroup's sustainable development when stepping into the global market. I am aware of the challenges that Vingroup has to deal with when doing business inside Vietnam. However, it will be a completely different story for Vingroup to invest in the US. market", commented Julia Chatterley.

Source: https://vietnamtimes.org.vn/